This is a shibuichi fuchi and kashira by Kaneyuki, an Edo artist that was active around 1800 - 1825. His go was Juryuken. I had originally thought this was made by Kenzui, 2nd in the Hamano line because of the work is reminiscent of Hamano work.



                                                                    SUAKA KOZUKA w/ KYOKA by SHOKUSANJIN





                       This is a really interesting kozuka, not only because of the superb craftsmanship but because of what it signifies. A tribute to  Ōta Nampo (大田南畝)(1749-1823), Also known by the names Ota Tan and  Shokusanjin, he was a famous poet and writer that specialised in comic Waka known as Kyoka.


"Flying Mr. Sparrow (bird),I don't know where your home (nest), chiyo , chiyo, come here as a drinking partner".

Thanks go to Morita Kiyoshi sama for the translation of a difficult Tanka.


                                               A SHAKUDO KOGAI w/ KIKU MOTIF



                    This is a very well carved kogai that I bought at the 2013 DTI At this point I am unsure of the school, but, it may be a Goto ryuha.