A SAOTOME 早乙 TENPO TSUBA




                                                                                                                           A KINAI 記内 TSUBA



                                                                     This tsuba is signed 'Echizen ju Kinai Saku' and possibly by the second Kinai master. Many tsubako made copies of Kinai tsuba and were inscribed with this signature. A deep black colour from a black iron oxide is a characteristic of these tsuba.


                                                                                                           A SUAKA MOKKUGATA TSUBA




                    This is a suaka kaku-mokkugata tsuba with katakiribori carving of the moon, pine trees and waves. A fisherman and his net is also depicted. Tsukiyo ni matsu nami zu.

                                                                                                      AN HEIANJO SUKASHI TSUBA 平安城





                        A tetsujigane marugata Heianjo tsuba. After much discussion with fellow collectors, it was determined that the theme of this tsuba was a winter one. The shinchu (brass) zogan represents drifts of snow with four snowflakes. The snowdrift at the quadrants are connected by rope-work. The cut-outs (sukashi) are representational of clouds. All in all a chilly scene.

                                                                                                                       AN HEIANJO TSUBA  平安城



     This tsuba is signed Yamashiro ju Nagayoshi. Very nice shinchu zogan. Some minor loss of the inlay.



                                                                                                              AN HEIANJO TSUBA  平安城