Above is a custom sword (Chosun) forged by Howard Clark and polished and mounted by Ted Tenold. A great sword for kata and tameshigiri. Made in the traditional way to my specifications.

          The steel is 1095 and 1008 in proportions to get 0.65 % carbon when done. It is 1000 layers finished. Started as 100 layers of shim stock forge welded, drawn out, cut in 5 pieces. Restacked, forge welded, drawn out, folded back on itself, re-welded again, drawn out, forged into sword. Ground, heat treated, finished ground, sent to be polished and mounted. { the process as described, verbatim, by Howard}.

          Ted Tenold may be reached at  www.legacyswords.com  and Howard Clark at  www.mvforge.com.


                                                              A KOGATANA BY MUKANSA SMITH KAMIBAYASHI TSUNEHIRA  上林恒平



    This kogatana was made by Kamibayashi Tsunehira and was entered into a sword competition. The sayagaki reads;

上林恒平, 無鑑査 現代刀展出品作 相州伝ニテ見事也 (+ kao). This translates as. Kamibayashi Tsunehira, Mukansa Gendaito-ten Shuppin-saku Soshu-den nite migotonari.  Shuppin-saku = exhibited work , migotonari = being excellent.