Views of the Kissaki showing the Boshi and the Monouchi  showing the Hamon. The angle of the blade in relation to the light and camera is what is causing the Yokote to appear malformed.

The Nagasa - 62.5cm, Sotoba-gata Nakago-16.4cm, Nakagojiri- Iriyama-gata,  Ko-mokume hada, Ko-choji midare hamon, has Tobiaki, Ashi, Boshi-Ko-maru, Motohaba-2.8cm, Sakihaba-1.7cm, Motokisane-0.5cm.

  This is a sword that was given to a Lt. Colonel who was a provincial Military Governor during the US occupation of Japan. It was resurrected in Hawaii, polished and rewrapped with with all original fittings except the tsuba. Seems to be of the Mino den,  with a Choji midare hamon reminiscent of the nidai Kanemoto.  It was polished, a new wrap on the tsuka and a new saya made by Fred Lohman's company @   www.japanese-sword.com 



                                                                  MONJU KANEHISA 文珠包久 JUMONJI YARI






                 This is a Jumonji Yari signed 文 珠 包 久作, Monju Kanehisa Saku.  A smith from Musashi no Kuni that was extant around the Genroku period. This period spanned the years from  1688 to 1704.