A Suaka fuchigashira of the Tsuchiya school signed Yasuchika. Hamano ryu.


                                                                                                              A KINKO FUCHIGASHIRA



                          This is a shakudo fuchi and kashira with a theme of  turnips and a mouse worked in Shakudo, Copper and gold Iroe. Sized to fit a ko-wakazashi or tanto. Fuchi 30 mm x 18 mm. Kashira 25 mm x 14 mm. Unattributed.


                                                                          AN HAMANO SCHOOL FUCHIGASHIRA



                          This is a shakudo fuchi and kashira signed Ittosha Toshiyuki. The theme of the fuchi is a boat moored in the marsh with a pole. The kashira has an egret landing in the marsh. Ittosha is Toshiyuki's art name or Go. This work seems to be of the Hamano school. There were a number of artists with the name Toshiyuki within the Hamano school.


                                                         ISHIGURO FUCHIGASHIRA  石黒




                                                     This is a fuchigashira of the Ishiguro-ryu by Ishiguro Masamori. Nice craftsmanship, of, I believe, what are herons or egrets in a marsh or by the seaside in the reeds on a nanako field. This set was made by the student of Ishiguro Masatsune or by Masatsune who occasionally used the go Masamori, around 1800.  This is the type of work produced by both of these artists, nanako field with birds and flowers designs.


                                        MINO KINKO FUCHIGASHIRA 美濃金工





                                                  A typical Mino Kinko fuchigashira that displays wild flowers and some insects that live among them on a nanako field. The designs in Minobori consist mostly of autumnal plants on shakudo nanako field.


                                                             SUAKA KOZUKA by  TOSHITSUGU






     This is an interesting kozuka made by Toshitsugu of suaka and carved to resemble a dried fish called himono. This is maru-boshi (whole-dried) himono which was in ancient times an offering to the Kami as well as a food source. Basically any of various small fish salted and dried.  I am not sure which Toshitsugu this kozuka was made by, but appears to be from the late Edo period.

                                                   SUAKA SHISHI MENUKI



       A pair of small menuki of shi-shi made of copper with kiniroe gold overlay. These are of a size that would best suit a tanto. Good work in such a small size.

                                                                                                                                 19 mm x 10 mm.


                                                                 A SUAKA KOI DESIGN F/K


                                             This fuchigashira made of raw copper (suaka) is unattributed. The design of a carp (koi) is considered lucky.  Although unsigned these may have been made by Yasuchika, at least they are the type produced by the Hamano-ryu.



                                                                      MURIKAMI JOCHIKU RYU by NOMURA MASAYOSHI





                                                                     A fuchigashira by Nomura Masayoshi in the style of Murikami Jochiku.